How To Save Documents in iCloud.

Documents in the Cloud

If you have the same iCloud-enabled apps on more than one device, iCloud automatically keeps the documents you create — and other important data used by your apps — up to date across all your devices.Image

When you use iCloud, your Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents — with all the latest edits — automatically appear on all your devices. 

All your documents, with all your edits, on every device.

With iCloud, the documents you create stay up to date across all your devices — automatically. You don’t have to remember to upload your work to a special folder, or browse a cluttered file system to find it again. Your documents are right there in your app, completely up to date and ready whenever you need them. Which means you can easily access the latest versions on whatever device you happen to be using at the time.



Apps made for iCloud.

iCloud is already seamlessly integrated with Apple apps for your iOS devices and your Mac running Mountain Lion, such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. And developers have built iCloud into their apps, too. So you can do things like paint a masterpiece, start a journal entry, work on a budget, and more — and have it all with you on your iOS devices and your Mac.



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