Game On: Can Nintendo 3DS Score Against Smartphones?

Playing a game these days is just a touch away on many smartphones.

But Nintendo hopes it can persuade customers to carry another device by offering another dimension — a 3-D gaming experience — with its3DS hand-held device, which went on sale this weekend.

Consumers have been slow to embrace 3-D television given the high cost, the need for glasses and a shortage of content. So far,Consumer Reports‘ advice has been “don’t’ rush” to buy a 3-D TV, at least until prices come down and there’s more content available.

But Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America, thinks the 3DS has the right formula to attract people to the 3-D experience. “In our view, the key issues that have limited 3-D so far in the home have been shattered with this device — no glasses required, wide range of content, and it’s affordable,” he says.

While the 3DS does deliver on a 3-D experience without the shades, some consumers may find the $250 price tag a tough sell given all the entertainment — including books, movies and games — you can easily access via a smartphone or tablet.



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